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Cycling gets a big boost from EU decision makers

Cycling is a fantastic means of transport and a great industrial opportunity, said Transport and Tourism Committee Chair Karima Delli, signing European declaration on cycling.

On Wednesday, following the signature of European declaration on cycling by the European Parliament, Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union and European Commission, the Chair of Transport and Tourism Committee Karima Delli (Greens/EFA, FR) said:

“It’s an historic moment for the future of cycling in Europe. I am very proud that the European Parliament’s resolution has resulted in this Declaration, ratified by the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. Cycling is a fantastic means of transport and a great industrial opportunity for the European Union. I am convinced that we can move away from a car centred approach and replace it with a combination of soft mobility and public transport. The European Cycling Declaration is a logical step in this direction. Cars are still responsible for 15% of CO2 emissions in Europe.”

European declaration on cycling was signed by EP’s Transport and Tourism Committee Chair Karima Delli, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mobility Georges Gilkinet and Commissioner for transport Adina Vălean.

The declaration was inspired by last year’s Parliaments resolution, which suggested boosting cycling habits and the EU’s green transition through more dedicated cycling lanes, parking places for bikes and reduced VAT.

The declaration recognises cycling as one of the most sustainable, accessible and inclusive, low-cost and healthy forms of transport and recreation. It commits EU institutions to strengthen cycling policies, create more and better cycling infrastructure, increase investments and support European cycling industry as well as cycling tourism amongst other measures.

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